Michael Frahm

This one goes in english because it has to.

Over a year ago a friend from Barcelona called and said a friend of hers was coming to Lisbon.
My number was handed to this german photographer, a very curious and vivid creature working on a single project, fashion oriented, so to say.

Michael was looking for the reflexion of clothing in one's attitude.

“Can something as superficial as clothing embody as much depth as personality holds? I seeked in thirteen countries of two continents for the possibility of identity and individuality, travelled every week anew alone to place unknown to me an searched for the ‘ones’ that utilize clothing as an expressive means of their personality.”

I cooperated as much as I could.
I guess I was a nice help, since the whole project was based on cooperation.
We shot this in a lovely endroit, by linha de Cascais.
An abandoned hospital.

Months followed.
A year followed.

And now, here HE is, here IT is.
The project came to an end, I finally saw my picture, and am feeling so hungry for the book!...


Book Cover, an inside look of the same book, and the portuguese he photographed: Bruno Mitriates, Dani Ye77a (she is one of my blogue's contributors!!!) and me.

All rights reserved to Mr. Michael Frahm.

An exhibition will open tomorrow in Amsterdam at the photography bienale.